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Thank you for visiting our site. We pray that your visit will give you Hope and provide resources that will empower you to live free.

Juvenile Detention Centers

We bring hope , a life changing message, and love through Christian Hip Hop music to every facility we serve.

Juvenile Residential Programs

Our team focuses on discipleship and training through Biblical teaching, storytelling, and performing arts.


We prepare them in the classroom to succeed in life by teaching them life skills they will need to overcome obstacles

City Parks

We reach them in the park, where they love to play. We create an environment where we can can connect and establish relationships.


Linking the youth to people who will help them grow spiritually is pivotal for their spiritual life.

Community Outreach

We hit the streets to love and serve the youth in our communities

COVID-19 Encouragement

We can't do what we normally do, but we won't stop. Our good friend and partner StrongLifeRaw put this together and we sent it to our normal detention centers.

Join Us / Support Us

We are always busy doing something or finding something to do. You are welcomed to come!

What We Do


We mentor and walk with every youth that commits to the process.

Life Coaching

We coach the youth to overcome disadvantages and accomplish their goals

Life Skill Classes

We teach a Life Skills Curriculum to equip them to make better choices that lead to a better life.


We have a talented team that can Rap, Dance, Sing, DJ, and do Spoken Word.


We bring dynamic speakers, field experts, and entrepreneurs to motivate them to become successful.

Guidance & Counseling

We provide guidance and counseling to address trauma and personal struggles.

Message from the

Welcome to our site! We want to share our vision with you and encourage you to join the mission. Our desire is to see the church and the community mobilized to be a part of the change that is needed. Your support makes a difference, you can become a volunteer or financially support us. Any way you serve the youth would be a blessing and greatly appreciated.

Here we focus on,
"Bringing Justice & Restoring Hope"

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